Watch “Rooftop Movies” at Sherman Oaks – NBC Los Angeles

  • June 24 to August 27 (Fridays and Saturdays)
  • Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks
  • $5 general admission; 100% of proceeds will go to Hope of the Valley

Popcorn and butter, soda and ice cream, celluloid and projectors, trailers and anticipation: cinema has seen many dynamic duos over the past century, those terrific duos that add spice to the timeless act of enjoying a film.

We’ll add another to the list, a pair that has come into prominence with the rise of the mall: malls and movie theaters.

Many moviegoers have watched many blockbusters at the local cineplex, the one you have to walk through multiple stores to reach, and real malls seen in the movies?

Giant buildings are often a major and mostly entertaining cinematic setting.

Incorporate some San Fernando Valley magic into the mall’s movie brew and you’ve got a movie and movie night perfect for a weekend night out.

And it’s exactly the kind of event under the stars that will soon sparkle in Sherman Oaks.

My Valley Pass, the organization that champions San Fernando Valley culture in many witty ways, has produced a number of fun outdoor screenings and movie events, as well as pop-up drive-ins.

Now the group is back at Westfield Fashion Square for several summer films, starting June 24.

But wait: the movies aren’t set inside the shopping destination and more, but rather atop the Westfield Fashion Square parking lot, which offers expansive views and twinkling lights as night falls.

It’s a location that gives the series its memorable name: Movies on the Roof.

The five-dollar ticket is all you need to see all sorts of past favorites, from “The Wedding Singer” (June 25) to “Swingers” (July 15 is the date).

All proceeds will benefit Hope of the Valley, which works to “prevent, reduce and end poverty, hunger and homelessness” in the region.

Just like you would visit a shopping mall map to get an idea of ​​where everything is, you’ll want to act early if you want to catch a screening: tickets are available now on the My Valley Pass website.

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