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Over a thousand residents have been left homeless in the city of Ulhasnagar after various incidents of slabs and buildings collapsing over the past four to five years. Residents have called for transit camps for rehabilitation in the city itself as the civic body had assured to build them a few years ago.

In July 2021, the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) announced that it would acquire 300 rental units for residents affected by the building and slab collapse. Over the past five years, a total of 19 residents have died in 12 slab and building collapses while 20 people have been injured, rendering thousands of residents homeless.

Bharti Kodwani, 37, a resident of Ulhasnagar Gol Maidan who lost her house two months ago after the civic body asked to vacate the Shiv Leela building, said: “The civic body asked us to do a structural audit of the building, which we did. The report suggested we do the repair. Due to the pandemic, repair work has been delayed. However, two months ago the company left the building. We realize the dangers of residing in such a building. However, there are no transit camps where we can go. I rented a place but I can’t afford to pay the rent for a long time.

A city activist blamed the civic body for failing to provide permanent shelter for those affected. “Last year, the civic body promised to help those affected with houses. However, not a single person has housing. The city has thousands of people residing in unsafe structures but no solution is being sought,” said Sashikant Dayma, a social activist from Ulhasnagar.

The UMC, on the other hand, claimed that rental accommodation is provided in Bhiwandi for affected residents.

UMC Commissioner Raja Dayanidhi said, “Three hundred rental houses are ready in Bhiwandi, but not a single resident has come forward to take the house. Many have complained that it is far from town and therefore impossible to occupy these rooms.

Rahul Jagwani, 30, a resident of Nehru Chowk in Ulhasnagar, claimed that the rental house should be in town and not outside. He said, “I have lived in Ulhasnagar since childhood and run a cloth shop in the town. If someone asks me to move to another city that is not even nearby, how can I move? The civic body should understand this and make arrangements within the city itself.


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