The hottest scenes from the PG movies that sent parents into an uproar


Don’t confuse this edgy sleuth movie satire with cute Saturday morning cartoons. The beloved animated character was born as a throwaway character in the opening credits of the live-action movie “The Pink Panther,” which was meant to be a dark comedy aimed more at adults. The cartoon feline went on to spawn his own children’s animated TV series, but the Pink Panther live-action movies are definitely not for children, despite their PG classification.

In the third live-action movie, “The Pink Panther Strikes Again”, the villain sends assassins to take out Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers). Yet somehow, Clouseau miraculously escapes the assassins by sheer luck, and they all end up killing each other – except three. The first surviving hitman unwittingly kills the second hitman (who had the brilliant idea of ​​disguising himself as Clouseau in order to enter the Inspector’s hotel room). The assassin then leaves, believing that his job is done. A third assassin – a contract killer named Olga (Lesley-Anne Down) – waits in Clouseau’s bed, preparing to kill him. Yet, when she sees Clouseau (the real Clouseau, that is), she decides that she would rather sleep with him than kill him.

Finally, Clouseau notices that there is a complete stranger in his bed. Olga invites Clouseau to sleep with her, but he politely declines. He apologizes for calling the police. Olga runs after Clouseau because she disobeyed direct orders and put her own life in danger to spare him, and he didn’t even say “thank you”. However, Clouseau is more worried about stopping his nemesis, so he pushes her away, even after she opens her fur coat and hugs Clouseau’s face to his bare chest (yes, really). The film never shows anything more explicit than the silhouette of Olga’s naked body in the dark room, but even that leaves viewers a little dirty.

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