Right-winger calls for LGBTQ+ people to be placed in camps because of monkey pox

A supporter of Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, has called for LGBTQ+ people to be placed in camps to stop the spread of monkeypox.

“We must quarantine and isolate all members of the LGBT community,” Ethan Schmidt-Crockett said in a video posted to social media. “We have to find them all. We must hunt them down and put them in isolation camps for their own protection. He asked why the US government did not speak out against “fornication fornication”.

Monkeypox, or MPV, is largely transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, like that which occurs during sex, but it is not a sexually transmitted disease. The majority of cases in the current outbreak have occurred in men who have sex with men; however, there are also cases in other populations. The federal government has declared MPV a public health emergency, so did the World Health Organization, and they recommended that people reduce their number of sexual partners. There is a vaccine for MPV, although supplies have been short, and there is a treatment for the virus.

Schmidt-Crockett’s remarks echo those made at the start of the AIDS epidemic. In the 1980s, right-wing extremists such as minor-party presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche pushed the idea of ​​isolating people living with HIV.

This isn’t Schmidt-Crockett’s first anti-LGBTQ+ action. Last month, he walked into a PetSmart store and demanded he remove a Pride flag. He posted a video in which he claimed the flag “supports pedophilia and the sexualization of children” and told an employee: “The real rainbow comes from God. It is Satan’s rainbow. The store left the flag up.

In May, he made a video in which he promised to visit Target stores in the greater Phoenix area during Pride Month to expose what he called “Satanic Pride Shrines for Kids.” He is also an activist against COVID vaccines and masking rules, having founded a group called AntiMaskersClub. Last year he harassed a store that sells wigs to cancer patients because it objected to its requirement for customers to wear protective masks.

Also last year, he met Lake at a campaign event, and she posed for a photo and video with him and other far-right activists, including Nazi sympathizer Greyson Arnold, CNN reports.

On Thursday, Lake, a former television presenter, was declared the winner of Tuesday’s Republican primary for governor of Arizona. She had the backing of Donald Trump and accepted his claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from her. She beat a more established Republican, lawyer and businesswoman, Karrin Taylor Robson, and will face Democrat Katie Hobbs, currently Arizona’s secretary of state, in November.

Lake has been called a hypocrite by critics who say she changed her stance on several issues out of political expediency. For example, she recently attacked drag queens as “groomers” and dangerous to children while being longtime friends with a drag queen, Barbara Seville, who has been dragging for over 25 years and has even produced at Lake’s home in the presence of his children. Also, despite having worked in the media for years, she has now become dismissive of mainstream journalists.

Lake’s campaign did not respond to the lawyerrequest for comment on Schmidt-Crockett’s remarks.

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For more information on Monkeypox, visit the CDC’s website here.

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