No Deal and Zoey Deutch’s 9 Other Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

With two films widely released in 2022, The clothe and Not good, Zoey Deutch continues to rocket into Hollywood stardom. The daughter of Back to the future actress Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch, frequent collaborator of John Hughes, she worked on a variety of films and established herself as a talented actress as in Not good released in late summer 2022, adding the producer to his resume alongside Dylan O’Brien.

While her first role was on The suite life on deck, her versatile performances have since made her a rising star. From working with acclaimed director Richard Linklater to directing one of Netflix’s most popular romantic comedies, Zoey Deutch’s performances have been well received by fans and critics alike, while the films themselves are moderate to well for most.


ten Vincent N’Roxxy (2016) – 44%

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Alongside Zoë Kravitz and Kid Cudi, Zoey Deutch plays Kate in the crime thriller Vincent N’ Roxxy about rebellious townswoman Roxxy who meets rural loner Vincent after being chased by a drug dealer. As soon as the two begin to have feelings for each other, they realize that they are being chased by violent, revenge-seeking criminals and must escape if they want to live.

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In one of his earliest film roles, Deutch played a supporting role and although the script was criticized for being underdeveloped and overly convoluted by several audiences, the performances were well received, particularly Kravitz’s. Its disappointing tone makes it one of Deutsch’s lowest rated films.

9 Flower (2017) – 50%

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In one of her first lead roles, Deutch plays the rebellious 17-year-old Erica in the comedy-drama Flower, who feels his family life has changed when his mother’s boyfriend’s son, Luke, played by the late Joey Morgan, comes to live with them. After discovering that a teacher has hurt Luke, she and her friends make it their mission to reveal his secret and bring him down.

The film starred Adam Scott and Kathryn Hahn and was released to mixed reviews. While the writing was criticized, particularly the way the characters were written, Deutch and Morgan were praised for their performances and their ability to bring out their characters. It was one of the first opportunities for Deutch to show off her ability to be a leading woman.

8 Before I Fall (2017) – 64%

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Based on the best-selling book, Before I fall takes on a new adaptation of the time-loop storyline by following Samantha, played by Deutch, a mean girl who must relive the last day of her life and figure out what she must do to survive. As the film progresses, she begins to reflect on the person she is and the people she has hurt.

Deutch’s performance received notable praise from critics and audiences alike, with Deutch receiving a Teen Choice Award nomination for Best Actress in the Drama category. Deutch brought an engaging and raw performance to the film that left theaters with tears in their eyes.

seven The Year of the Spectacular Men (2017) – 65%

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Zoey Deutch had the chance to work with her whole family in The Year of the Spectacular Men. In her mother Lea Thompson’s first film, Deutch co-starred with her sister who also wrote the screenplay. Deutch plays Izzy who graduates from college and deals with the tumultuous experience of college as well as the various men who come into her life with her supporting sister and mother.

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Thompson was praised as a director and for her performance as Izzy’s mother. The Deutch sisters also received rave reviews for their strong, deep performances and visible chemistry between the three of them. Audiences felt the concept of a quarter-life crisis was done well with its nuanced views on people’s expectations of young adults.

6 Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) – 69%

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One of Deutch’s highest-grossing films at the box office, Deutch joined one of the most successful horror-comedies in the sequel. Zombieland: double tap like Madison whose close relationship with Jesse Eisenberg’s character, Columbus, makes Emma Stone’s Wichita jealous. As the original group continues to deal with the zombies, new characters and new diversions force the characters to find new ways to survive.

Her performance as the aloof blonde made her one of the most hilarious additions to the sequel. Critics thought that while the film didn’t feel as strong as the original, additions like Deutch’s character felt new and strengthened the overall story. With the return of the original cast and their ability to focus on the pleasant spirit of the original, it became a huge hit for critics and fans alike.

5 Disagree (2022) – 77%

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Zoey Deutch’s latest release, Not good is a satirical comedy centered on Danni Sanders, an aspiring influencer who lies about being on a trip to France when a terrorist attack reaches exactly where she claimed to be. With fans believing she survived, Sanders must now find a way to fix the problem caused by her lies.

A satire of the internet influencer’s modern era, Deutch’s performance receives rave reviews for its ability to turn an unpleasant character into a deep, relatable one that captures the overall message of the story. While critics believe stronger writing would have benefited the film, wider audiences agree that it credibly captures internet culture in a non-adversarial, irredeemable way.

4 Buffalo (2019) – 80%

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Drama Buffalo and one of Hulu’s hidden gems centers on Peg Dahl, played by Zoey Deutch, whose dreams of escaping her hometown of Buffalo are dashed when she gets into trouble and is awash in massive debt. She then takes advantage of her situation and tries to become a debt collector herself to get out of her situation.

A commentary on the difficulty of late capitalism and the accumulation of wealth, Deutch’s performance received immense praise and underlined to the audience that she was ready to take the world by storm. Critics believed the story worked because Deutch was able to carry the story with his performances and keep the audience invested in the story.

3 The outfit (2022) – 85%

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In the first of two 2022 Deutch outings also starring Dylan O’Brien, Zoey Deutch plays Mabel, the receptionist, of a 1956 Chicago tailor’s shop that primarily serves underground criminals in The clothe. English cutter Leonard Burling played by Mark Rylance becomes the target of rival gangsters and must fight to survive the violence that ensues.

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Although it was not a box office success, the film received rave reviews for its story and performances, particularly that of Leonard Burling. Audiences felt that the well-done production design broke the mold of the previously stagnant crime thrillers that had plagued the genre.

2 Everyone wants it!! (2016) – 87%

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Working with highly revered director Richard Linklater of Childhood and before sunrise celebrity, Everyone wants it!! centers on a group of college baseball players in the 1980s in this coming-of-age sports comedy. The film takes place during the few days before classes start after moving in and the different situations in which they find themselves alone for the first time.

The film has been well-reviewed for its intentional, well-done soundtrack as well as its intriguing storyline led by captivating ensemble performances from stars like Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, who recently starred in the 2022 hit sequel. Top Gun: Maverick. It follows Linklater’s typically realistic writing that features a character-driven, rather than plot-driven storyline.

1 Configure It (2018) – 92%

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List lead reunites Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch in Netflix rom-com Implement like two assistants who work together to make their overly demanding bosses fall in love with each other so they can relax. In the process, the two start spending more time with each other and eventually fall in love.

Audiences felt Powell and Deutch’s chemistry was evident, and felt the film succeeded in delivering a fresh, modern take on the traditional hit genre. The likable performances of the protagonists made many fans clamor for a sequel. As a result, director Claire Scanlon has openly declared her interest in a sequel.

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