Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Big Screen Is Back’ PSA Teases Favorite Movies

There might not be a bigger movie cheerleader than Matthew McConaughey. And if you ask the Oscar winner, there’s no better place to continue living than at your local movie theater.

McConaughey’s latest lead role finds him in a new PSA on behalf of film operators and the more than 150,000 workers they employ. “The Big Screen Is Back” aired Monday on ABC’s pre-Oscars telecast. And the McConnaisance message? Prepare for a rebirth – on the big screen!

Check out the full “Big Screen Is Back” PSA below:

“The Big Screen is Back,” presented by the brave folks of the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) and the Motion Picture Association of America, highlights a large number of theater workers – the “heroes unrecognized “in America in the words of McConaughey – – welcome Americans back to the theater.

This after a year in which exhibitors across the country suffered “holidays, closures” and what the thesp called “the longest intermission they could imagine”. After praising their employees for their “dedication and resilience” in ensuring the return of filmmaking to its pre-COVID good times, McConaughey told moviegoers to “take a seat, the show is about to begin.”

At this point, the PSA is serving maskless theater workers, filmed under COVID safety guidelines, talking about their jobs and what cinema means to them, as well as clips from some of the biggest and most popular blockbusters. that had been delayed several times due to the pandemic.

And then we watch films like Denis Villeneuve’s Dune remake; the last adventure 007, No time to die; James gunn’s The suicide squad; Space Jam: a new legacy with Lebron James; F9 with Fast Furious veterinarians Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez; From disney Jungle cruise with The Rock and Emily Blunt; Ryan Reynolds Real Video Game Adventure, Free Guy; the last ghost hunters to restart; Marvel’s Black Widow and Shang-Chi; The batman with Robert Pattinson; and much more.

“Movies as you’ve always loved them, that’s the way to watch them. The big screen is back,” sings a narrator.

And that’s good news for the industry as a whole. Of course, with many theater chains shutting down over the past year in major markets including New York and Los Angeles, and Hollywood unable to rely on wide circulation to maximize the necessary box office returns, Legacy studios like Warner Bros. and Disney have resorted to creating their blockbusters on their respective streaming services HBO Max and Disney +.

There is no doubt that the resumption of theatrical activity will be a boon for their portfolio, not to mention the record of exhibitors like AMC on the verge of bankruptcy, who are counting on the expected boom in attendance.

That’s good, okay, okay for us.

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