Keke Palmer’s 10 Highest-Grossing Movies, Ranked According To Box Office Mojo

2022 is shaping up to be the best yet for Keke Palmer’s career, with a prominent voice role in Pixar Light year and an upcoming co-lead role in Jordan Peele Nopeopening July 22.

But it won’t be Palmer’s first fantastic year, as the likeable performer has worked hard since her early days as a child actress, even going so far as to direct two films when she was 18. While not all of them were hits, they are indicative of the variety of Palmer’s filmography, which appears to be even more diverse with Peele’s upcoming genre flick.


ten Alice (2022) – $373,000

In Alice, Palmer portrays a Georgian slave who escapes only to learn that it is not the 19th century as she had been told, but rather 1973. With the help of truck driver Frank (Common), the unnamed young woman hopes take bloody revenge on her. kidnapper, Paul Bennet (Jonny Lee Miller). It’s a meaty role for Palmer, and she throws herself into it entirely, doing justice to the real-life victims who inspired her character.

Palmer’s crime-thriller vehicle didn’t rake in huge sums in US theaters, but he also starred in at most 169 of them, according to the film. box office mojo page. Alice‘s Palmer, Common and Lee Miller are talented and likable performers, but they were household names on a relatively small film. Plus, the film’s violence and pre-war setting were also sure to put off a few potential ticket buyers.

9 The Longshots (2008) – $11.5 million

The Longshots stars Palmer and Ice Cube as Jasmine and her former football player uncle, Curtis. When Curtis gets the chance to lead his niece’s school football team, he makes the unconventional decision to enlist her as a quarterback. The film, directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, is actually a biopic of real-life quarterback Jasmine Plummer, and Palmer shows incredible maturity in showing respect to the individual she plays.

The Durst-directed biopic may have had family appeal and the inclusion of Palmer and Ice Cube, but it barely made a dent at the domestic box office, opening to a paltry $4 million en route to a final US gross of $11.5. million, according to box office mojo.

8 Akeelah and the Bee (2006) – $19 million

Akeelah standing on stage during a spelling bee in Akeelah and the Bee

One of Keke Palmer’s best films as well as one of her best performances, Akeelah and the bee follows the titular character as she seeks to rise to the top of the National Spelling Bee. The film received critical acclaim, and even detractors who thought it akin to a TV movie found much to praise in Palmer’s work.

It doesn’t matter whether or not Akeelah and the bee was a blockbuster is irrelevant when compared to the impressive fact that Palmer not only leads the film at 11, but holds his own against such a great performer as Fishburne. But it was also a film that generated decent interest, recouping 75% of its $8 million budget in its opening weekend alone, per box office mojo.

seven Happy Noise (2012) – $31 million

cries of joy follows the congregation of a small church in Georgia. Once a well-known source of beautiful choir music, the church is now the scene of a battle between very different and determined singers, Vi Rose Hill (Queen Latifah) and GG Sparrow (Dolly Parton). Palmer portrays Olivia, Vi’s daughter and a source of wisdom in her mother’s saddest times. The most impressive aspect of the film as a whole is Palmer’s ability to hold her own against the even more experienced Latifah, though none of their performances were enough to save the film from poor critical reception.

Unlike similar high-profile musicals, cries of joy was not a box office success. With a budget of $25 million and a worldwide total of just over $31 million (per box office mojo) it seems that the combined power of Parton, Palmer and Latifah was not enough for profitability.

6 Madea’s Family Reunion (2006) – $63 million

Keke Palmer at Madea's Family Reunion

At Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunionthe main character is forced to foster a moody foster child (Nikki de Palmer) due to his actions in Perry’s first film: Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Family meeting It wasn’t the first time Perry’s Madea films tackled deep issues, and it was far from the last, but a subject child with the attitude learning to reform from a subject adult to attitude is an interesting twist on a well-worn concept.

Like the majority of Perry’s other films, the international gross for Madea’s Family Reunion is negligible. However, given that it grossed over $63 million (according to box office mojo) with a budget of just $6 million, there was no doubt that the director would be able to keep making as many movies as he saw fit. Unfortunately, however, the 2006 Meeting The film is to date the only time Perry and Palmer have collaborated.

5 Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) – $64 million


Palmer reprized her role as Peaches the Mammoth of Ice Age: Continental Drift for what is to date the last installment of the deductible: The Ice Age: Collision Course. As the daughter of Ray Romano’s Manny and Queen Latifah’s Ellie, Peaches gave Palmer plenty of time in the voice acting spotlight before her role in Light year.

At the time when the Ice Age the fifth installment of the series hit theaters, domestic interest had dwindled considerably (a mere $64 million, per box office mojo). The same could be said to a lesser extent for its international appeal, but it still scored more than three times its $105 million budget in international territories alone.

4 Barbershop 2: Back In Business (2004) – $65 million

Keke Palmer in Hair Salon 2

In Barber Shop 2: Back to BusinessPalmer’s role is pretty snappy and you’ll miss it, featuring Queen Latifah’s niece Gina, who would go on to have her own spin-off: Beauty salon.

2002 Hair salon was a surprise hit in the U.S., scoring a final U.S. gross of nearly $76 million on a $12 million budget, per box office mojo. The Palmer-starring sequel didn’t do as well, earning $65 million on a significantly increased budget of $30 million (also according to box office mojo), but it was still profitable enough to eventually result in Barbershop: the next haircut (2016).

3 Lightyear (2022) – $112.5 million (as of 10/7)

Hawthorne in Lightyear

At Pixar Light year, Palmer voices ambitious Space Ranger Izzy Hawthorne, the now adult granddaughter of Alisha, Buzz’s old friend before he was trapped in hyperspace for a few years. Not only is Pixar’s film the highest-budget entry in Palmer’s filmography, it also gives her a role nearly as fluffy as the titular character. Hawthorne is extremely driven, but can show her fun side, though she will never sacrifice the importance of the mission at hand.

Light year It may be Palmer’s most high-profile film, as it is one of his biggest earners, but it still hasn’t proven to be a financial success. The film failed to impress pundits in its opening weekend, scoring a whopping $50 million in the United States (per box office mojo) with a budget of $200 million. More troubling is the fact that it hasn’t held up well week after week, which is unusual for an animated film, especially one of toy story franchise.

2 Hustlers (2019) – $105 million

Mercedes and Annabelle touch their butts in Hustlers

Hustlers follows a group of exotic dancers who begin drugging and robbing their big banker clients. Led by Constance Wu’s newcomer Destiny and Jennifer Lopez’s seasoned pro Ramona, Palmer’s Mercedes and her peers embark on an illegal and extravagant race that ultimately ends in jail time and suffering for all. the people involved.

Hustlers was a major hit for STX Entertainment, their biggest outside perhaps bad moms. The film went into production on a budget of $20.7 million, surprisingly small considering the involvement of Lopez (who also served as a producer alongside Will Ferrell and Adam McKay), Cardi B, Lizzo, Palmer and RiverdaleIt’s Lily Reinhart. It grossed almost eight times more than in the world, including roughly $105 million in the United States alone, for box office mojo.

1 Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) – $161 million


After the second film of Ice Age saga, The Mergerhas surpassed the first film in domestic and international markets, the third installment, The Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009), remained about equal in the domestic market. But it jumped another hugely impressive $220 into international territories, guaranteeing the existence of Palmer’s first installment as the exuberant and fun Peaches: Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Like the long term fast furious franchise, Ice Age went on to excel overseas (according to the film box office mojo page), with the fourth episode’s international tally of $715 million, making the film’s still-impressive $161 million domestic gross seem small.

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