Get Free Movies at New Minnesota Mini Blockbuster Video

If you have a fondness for Video Store Nostalgia, this story is for you. Blockbuster is back in Minnesota! Successful video? Yes… well, a little. It looks like Blockbuster, but it’s not Blockbuster as you know Blockbuster.

Stop saying Blockbuster and tell us the story

A mini-movement is brewing in the United States, people are creating Free blockbusters. They use the Blockbuster logo, Blockbuster blue, and all, but they’re not video stores. They are old newspaper dispenser boxes turned into baby Blockbusters…just everything is free.

KARE screenshot 11. Click for link.
KARE screenshot 11. Click for link.

This is the concept of mini-library for movies. You take one, you leave one. But for fun, they use Blockbuster imagery which shouldn’t bother brand owner DISH Network. Why would it be? These are people who share videos, not a dime on the whole.

Minnesota’s newest blockbuster is in Robbinsdale

The best part of their Facebook page! Click for the link.
The best part of their Facebook page! Click for the link.

The owner of Fly Vintage & Vinyl, in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, is Travis Stone. On KARE 11, he said, “”I love movies, always have, and I love the idea of ​​sharing them with people…” The sharing began on Monday, July 11, 2022.

The Vinyl and Vintage Store looks like a cool place to spend a few hours shopping. That is, if you like all things vintage… even games my parents would never buy me.

And speaking of vintage stuff, some restaurants live on in our memory forever…like those great joints that used to be food and drink in southeast Minnesota.

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I asked on Facebook yesterday which restaurant in Rochester you miss the most. Among tons and tons of comments, these are the most popular.

Attachment-Play 8 Rochester Area Golf Courses (1)

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