Fathom Events launches “Fright Fest” with eight weeks of films


Fathom Fright Fest 2021 kicks off Sunday, September 26 with eight full weeks of horror movies for all ages. Gather your friends and head to your local theater to celebrate the Halloween and fall season! You can purchase tickets at FrightFest.com/frightfest or via the ticket office of your participating cinema. Check out the Fathom Events website for the theater near you and post the schedule!

The full program features some classics of the horror genre celebrating birthdays this year. The full program looks like this:

Sunday 26 and Wednesday 29 September

Carrie’s 45th birthday

Based on the bestselling Stephen King novel, Carrie (Sissy Spacek) is a lonely high school student with no confidence, no friends… and no idea of ​​the extent of her secret telekinetic powers. But when her psychotic mother and sadistic classmates finally go too far, the once-shy teenager becomes a rampant power in search of revenge that causes all hell to break loose in a frenzy of blood, fire and brimstone! Piper Laurie, John Travolta and Amy Irving look great in this horror classic.

saturday 2 october

Dracula and Double Frankenstein Characteristic

Celebrate Universal Monsters’ 90th anniversary with special dual functionality of the original Dracula and Frankenstein! Plus, fans will get an exclusive tour of the Universal Studios bundle!

The original Dracula, along with Bela Lugosi, kicked off the Hollywood horror genre and defined the iconic look and spooky character of the famous vampire. Towering ominously among the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains, Dracula’s Castle scares the villagers of Transylvania below. After a naive real estate agent succumbs to Count Dracula’s will, the two travel to London where the vampire hopes to wander around respectable society by day and search for potential victims by night. The inspiration for hundreds of subsequent remakes and adaptations, this classic film directed by Tod Browning is the signature adaptation of Bram Stoker’s story with its eerie passion, dark atmosphere, and thrilling cinematography.

An unforgettable masterpiece, the original Frankenstein stars Boris Karloff as the most tragic and iconic monster on screen in what many consider to be the greatest horror film ever to be made. Altering life and death, Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) brings together salvaged body parts to bring a human monster to life. The mad scientist’s dreams are shattered by the violent rage of his creation as the monster awakens in a world in which he is unwelcome. Featuring groundbreaking makeup from Jack Pierce, director James Whale’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel masterpiece mixes themes of horror, isolation and compassion, and remains one of the most successful films. most shocking ever.

Sunday October 3 (dubbed in English), Monday October 4 (English subtitles) and Wednesday October 6 (dubbed in English)

Studio Ghibli Fest 2021: 20th anniversary of Spirited Away

Winner of the Academy Award® for Best Animated Feature, Hayao Miyazaki’s Marvelous Fantastic Adventure is a dazzling masterpiece by one of the most famous filmmakers in animation history.

Chihiro’s family move to a new home, but when they stop on their way to explore an abandoned village, her parents undergo a mysterious transformation and Chihiro is taken to a fantasy spirit world ruled by the witch Yubaba. Put to work in a magical bath for spirits and demons, Chihiro must use all of her mind to survive in this strange new place, find a way to free her parents and return to the normal world. Bursting with imaginative creatures and compelling storytelling, Spirited Away has become a worldwide hit and is one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time.

Thursday October 7

The 40th anniversary of the Evil Dead

The ultimate experience of exhausting terror! Grindhouse Releasing and Fathom Events are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sam Raimi’s horror classic THE EVIL DEAD with an exclusive national screening presented by star Bruce Campbell.

Ash (Campbell), girlfriend Linda (Betsy Baker), sister Cheryl (Ellen Sandweiss), and couple Scotty (Hal Delrich) and Shelly (Sarah York), head to a secluded cabin in the woods for a fun getaway. There, they find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (aka “The Book of the Dead”), an ancient tome whose text awakens the dead when read aloud. After unwittingly unleashing a flood of evil, the five friends must fight for their lives or become possessed.

Sunday 10 and Monday 11 October

Scream 25th anniversary

25 years after its theatrical debut, SCREAM remains an immensely entertaining and terrifyingly terrifying cinematic experience. Directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, the film is a brilliant deconstruction of the horror genre that pays homage to the conventions of slasher films while overturning them with clever twists and witty dialogue.

After a series of mysterious deaths in their small town, a quirky group of friends led by Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) become the target of a masked killer. As the death toll rises, Sidney and his friends turn to the “rules” of horror movies to help them navigate the real terror they live in. The film also stars Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy, Rose McGowan and Drew Barrymore.

Fans attending the special event will also get a behind-the-scenes look at the film with period interviews with Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and more.

Sunday 17th and Wednesday 20th October

TCM Big Screen Classics Presents: 30th Anniversary of the Silence of the Lambs

Invite an old friend over for dinner and attend this event which includes exclusive information about Turner Classic Movies.

When a psychopath named Buffalo Bill murders women and thinks it takes one to know one, the FBI sends Agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) to interrogate a demented prisoner: Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), a cannibalistic psychiatrist whose fascination with the young agent is as great as his thirst for murder. As their relationship develops, Starling is forced to confront not only her own demons, but also an evil so powerful that she may not have the courage to stop!

Sunday October 24 (dubbed in English), Monday October 25 (English subtitles) and Thursday October 28 (dubbed in English)

Studio Ghibli Fest 2021: Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle

From director Hayao Miyazaki and legendary Studio Ghibli, Howl’s Moving Castle is an Oscar®-winning fantasy film based on the novel of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones.

Sophie, a quiet girl working in a hat shop, sees her life turned upside down when she is literally swept aside by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. The conceited and vengeful waste witch, jealous of their friendship, casts a curse on Sophie and turns her into a 90-year-old woman. In a quest to break the spell, Sophie boards Howl’s magnificent moving castle and into a new life of wonder and adventure. But as the true power of Howl’s magic is revealed, Sophie finds herself fighting to protect them both from a dangerous war of witchcraft that threatens their world. Featuring the vocal talents of Lauren Bacall, Christian Bale, Billy Crystal, Blythe Danner, Emily Mortimer and Jean Simmons.

Tuesday October 26

RiffTrax Live: Amityville 4: Evil Escapes

There’s still some trouble up there in the old house in Amityville. A group of priests come together to suppress the demon that has long plagued this charming Dutch colony with five beds and four bathrooms, full of old world charm and charm. BUT – evil escapes! Which should have been made evident by the title of the film. And how does he escape? Like all evil: owning a tasteless street lamp, being sold at a garage sale, and shipped to Los Angeles, where most evil house decorations end up finding a home.

Soon the demonic lamppost begins its reign of terror in the home of an innocent family, killing pets and repairmen, forcing children to use power tools in dangerous ways, and possessing the soul of younger sister Jessica, which immediately begins to act like a total shake.

It’s up to the young priest Father Kibbler to save the family and face the evil lamp, facing the bulb, before other people die. Okay, more people are dying, but can Father Kibbler finally end it? Join Bill (Corbett), Mike (Nelson) and Kevin (Murphy) in theaters nationwide for the perfect Halloween treat: an evening with Rifftrax Live and Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes!

Wednesday October 27

The call (the uncut experience)

From the creator of Final Destination, Lin Shaye and Tobin Bell star in this terrifying fall death story of 1987. After a tragic accident, a group of small town friends must survive the night in a house. sinister couple. One by one, their worst nightmares quickly come true as they enter The Call’s realm. Four friends. One phone call. 60 seconds. Stay alive.

This uncut experience features deleted scenes and a post-film director interview.

saturday 30 october

The invisible man and the wolf man

Universal is celebrating the 90th anniversary of its classic monsters with a special dual feature of the original The Invisible Man and The Wolf Man. Plus, fans will get an exclusive tour of the Universal Studios bundle!

HG Wells’ signature adaptation of The Invisible Man stars Claude Rains as a mysterious scientist who discovers a serum that makes him invisible. Covered in bandages and dark glasses, the scientist arrives in a small English village and tries to hide his astonishing discovery. He soon realizes, however, that the same drug that makes him invisible is slowly driving him mad and capable of committing unspeakable acts of terror. Directed by James Whale, the horror classic features groundbreaking special effects by John P. Fulton that inspired many techniques still in use today.

“Even a pure-hearted man who says his prayers at night can become a wolf when the plague blossoms and the autumn moon is bright.” In 1941, The Wolf Man introduced the world to a new universal movie monster, and the werewolf mythology was forever redefined. With a heart-wrenching performance by Lon Chaney Jr. and groundbreaking makeup by Jack Pierce, this story of a cursed man who turns into a deadly werewolf when the moon is full has not only become a horror genre masterpiece. , but all the time.

Tuesday November 16


In this comedic thriller from LAIKA, a small town is besieged by zombies. Who can the city call? Only the misunderstood local boy Norman, who is able to speak with the dead. In addition to zombies, he will have to face off against ghosts, witches and, even worse, adults, to save his town from an age-old curse. But this young ghoul whisperer courageously summons all that makes a hero – courage and compassion – as he finds his paranormal activities pushed to their otherworldly limits. Voice cast: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Tucker Albrizzi, Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Leslie Mann, Jeff Garlin, Elaine Stritch, Bernard Hill, Jodelle Ferland, Tempestt Bledsoe, Alex Borstein and John Goodman. Produced by Arianne Sutner and Travis Knight. Written by Chris Butler. Directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler.

This exclusive full-day event also includes a special behind-the-scenes tour of LAIKA studios!

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