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Welcome to another episode of Editor’s Choice for the month of July. As we grapple with another cold month in Australia, we’re looking for skincare ointments and cabinet warmers. Plus, we’re lucky enough to be up-to-date on all the latest and greatest releases, whether it’s a store opening in Madrid or new lingerie. Either way, these are our favorites. Tried, tested and wishlist.

“I made a pact with myself a few weeks ago to be more regimented with my skincare during the colder months. After editing many of our beauty editor Emily’s articles on the magic of Emma Lewisham, I’ve started a daily skincare regimen exclusive to EL; a purple and pink revolution that has dramatically improved the texture of my dry skin. The star product of the new routine? Supernatural 72 Face Moisturizer hours by Emma Lewisham. The rich, thick, velvety formula contains 32 ingredients that are scientifically proven to be at the center of a Venn diagram for radiance, hydration and collagen regeneration. For the uninitiated, once you are done with your EL products, the brand takes back the bottles to recycle or refill them.) Remember that none of these product recommendations on this article are chargeable. concerning the emollients night ts, if you want to know what it is, this is it. – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

EMMA LEWISHAM Supernatural 72 Hour Moisturizing Face Cream, 50ml, $135. BUY NOW

“Jewelry brand Love Isabelle arrived in my inbox a few months ago when they launched their very special Moissanite engagement rings. Although I have no plans for an engagement in the near future, I fell in love of the brand and their delicate approach to fine (yet affordable) jewelry.As I hit the 25-year mark this year, I thought I’d start curating a personal collection of quality pieces that I would like wear forever. Personally, I wear silver due to my complexion and luckily the brand offers iterations of gold and sterling silver in most of their pieces. These Portia hoops, a sweet take on a classic style, are at the top of my wish list.- Rebekah Clark, Feature Film Writer

Love Isabelle Portia hoop earrings in silver, $129. BUY NOW

Everybody goes abroad. While I had the chance to do it at the end of May, I am even jealous to see people living their best European summers from the Instagram portal. Thought I should let you all know that if you find yourself in Madrid be sure to pop into the new Zimmermann store which opened last month. Like most buildings in Spain, this one was built in 1880 and the Australian brand has done a great job of combining heritage elements with contemporary design (there’s an interior courtyard!). As with all of their new stores, Australians artwork is the accent in all spaces. It is definitely worth a look. Besides, what could be more glamorous than drinking a Spritz in Madrid in a Zimmermann ruffled dress? Despite my jealousy, I would even like your IG message. – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

The Madrid store is located at Calle de Serrano, 22, 28001 Madrid, Spain and opened with the Spring 22 and Summer Swim 22 collections. HERE’S THE ADDRESS

“Nearly 12 months ago a friend gave me a bottle of Frank Green water and, unsurprisingly, it has rarely left me since. Call it my security [bottle], If you want. I may, however, have to retire my bottle green iteration for the new chrome collection which has taken over the brand for a high fashion aesthetic. Available in silver, gold, blue and rainbow hues, the new colors are also available on a number of their products, including the beloved to-go coffee mug. Whether it’s a gift or even for yourself, each style is also customizable. You’ll never want to drink from a disposable bottle again. The month of July without plastic is going very well. – Rebekah Clark, feature film writer

Frank Green Chrome reusable bottle, $69.95. BUY NOW

“My true love affair with this body lotion started this Australian winter. My office heating was on full blast and I noticed my skin was starting to look really dehydrated. I had received the body lotion Drunk Elephant Glycolic Body TLC – a dream formula that blends alpha hydroxy glycolic, tartaric, lactic and citric acids to smooth bumpy skin and improve uneven skin tone.This is one of the creamiest body lotions out there. ever used (thanks to its star ingredient, shea butter!) and one that deeply hydrates without being sticky My days now end with an evening Pilates class and this fatty acid-rich moisturizer. Because is there anything better than coming home with sore limbs, hopping in the shower, exfoliating and then lathering yourself in some puffed lotion before bed? Nope.” -Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

Drunk Elephant TLC Glycolic Body Lotion, $37. BUY NOW VIA MECCA

“Although it’s chilly outside, Bras N Things is heating things up under all layers with the new Embody This collection. The diverse, body-positive brand has debuted a new line of dance-inspired styles – ballet, contemporary, vogue and burlesque – for a collection aimed at evoking the senses. From soft feminine colors to bold bold colours, tassels and feathers, there’s a style for everyone. As a former ballet dancer, this I naturally opted for the baby pink ensemble – Rebekah Clark, Feature Film Writer

“A few years ago I lived on the Lower East Side in New York City, and as someone who would rather apply self-tanner than bask in the sun, I was happy to check out the Bondi Sands products stocked on my local CVS. Since that fateful day, the brand Aero 1 hour self-tanning mousse has been my weekly appointment; a quick, lightweight spray that I can carry around my desk, before washing up to an even, golden tan for after-work drinks. Bondi Sands has just released a series of highlighters and bronzers called “Glo” that I need to tell you about. My favorite is Bronze Lights, a creamy highlighter that I apply in a “C” shape around the eye and along the cheekbone, a little on the bridge of the nose and the top of the forehead along the root of the hair. In this gloomy weather, it gives Friday night glamor a lift after the European holidays. Try it.” – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director


“Friend of Audrey was founded in 2015 from Sydney. Known for its beautiful knits and must-have pieces, the brand pays homage to style icon Audrey Hepburn and the notion of timeless style – simplicity, comfort and sophistication – all that defined her personality. If you’re not in Europe, you’re still braving the chilly Australian winter days and there’s no better ensemble than fitted trousers and a comfy knit. Next on my wishlist is this oversized mocha sweater that features an acrylic and wool blend. – Rebekah Clark, feature film writer

Friend of Audrey Cocoon Knit, $189.95. BUY NOW

“Did anyone else play as a teenager? Those who answered yes will tell you that before TMZbefore Kim Kardashian, there was The Sims; a microcosm of virtual avatars who lived in little houses you designed for them and performed small daily tasks. Besides choosing the wallpaper for each room, my favorite part was choosing the outfits for my Sims to wear. And, while the company is still grappling with what exactly the future of fashion is in the metaverse, circular marketplace Depop wasted no time and collaborated with The Sims! In the The Sims 4the latest expansion pack, High school yearsplayers can not only style their Sims’ outfits at the local thrift store (called ThrifTea), but can also help their Sims buzz about their outfits to increase their sale value, earn Simoleons (this is the currency of Sims) by reselling their most beautiful looks, and even becoming a Simfluencer. The Sims 4 years high school The expansion pack including the Depop collaboration will be available for purchase on July 28, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (July 29 3:00 a.m. AEDT). It will be a great gift for the female gamer. – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

The Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack. PRE ORDER NOW

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