Confessions of a Costco Virgin | Shop at Costco



I have a feeling Costco wants to organize my whole life, and I briefly considered letting that be. At the membership office, I was planning to purchase the Gold Star membership for $ 60. After questioning my decision, the rep, a member of the Costco team since 2018 by name badge, described the benefits of the $ 120 membership to the Executive.

He then informed me that as an Executive Member I would be entitled to all the benefits of the Gold Star Basic Membership and have the opportunity to receive a 2% annual reward of up to 1 $ 000 on qualifying purchases made within 12 months. . Then the customer service representative came from behind the armored plexiglass counter and walked over to a wall of brochures.

There was a 48 page brochure from Costco travel. Another dedicated to used vehicles, parts and service through the Costco Auto program. A single sheet offering identity theft protection and a Costco service reader with everything from home, auto and life insurance to mortgage financing or refinancing and bottled water delivery.

I stuck to my guns and bought the Gold Star membership for $ 60. As a member, I can now purchase a Costco Shop Card, a kind of gift card available from $ 25 to $ 2,000, which allows anyone to shop at Costco or on the company’s website. If you’re not sure which membership is right for you, ask a Costco member to buy a purchasing card for you and give it a try.


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