’90 Day Fiancé ‘star Larissa Lima officially dismissed!

Larissa Lima has been one of the fan favorites on 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever. Now it looks like she will no longer be a part of the popular show! What happened?

Not a good month for the 90 day fiancé Star

Larissa Lima hasn’t had a good month so far. Right before her move from Las Vegas to Colorado, the Bombshell Beauty was under arrest by ICE. However, after a few hours, they left her with a pending court date.

And now the fans have heard rumors that the reality TV star has been fired of 90 day fiancé franchise! It seems the rumors are true!

Goodbye Larissa

Larissa took to Instagram to let her fans know the rumors are true. The statement reads: “Dear Friends and Followers… I am no longer a member of the 90 Days Show Fiance cast. Due to my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC over the phone the day before I was arrested by ICE. I will continue to produce content for my official channels on Instagram, Onlyfans and Youtube. Thank you for your understanding, love and attention. “

Larissa Make Money With Steamy CamSoda Video

According to RealityTea Larissa picked up a lot of dough with her CamSoda premiere. the 90 day fiancé star did an hour-long lingerie show on CamSoda. She made over $ 100,000 by rubbing herself with oil. While Larissa was not naked, she was wearing clothes that were very revealing in the video. Larissa will not be able to keep 100% of this money, but she will receive a certain percentage of it.

90 day fiancé Pay

Screen Rant reported that the cast members earn $ 1,000 per episode and $ 2,500 for the whole. The cast usually does 10 to 13 shows per season. That doesn’t include everything, it’s about $ 13,000 per season. With two specials, participants can earn up to a maximum of $ 18,000 per season. While that doesn’t seem like a great amount, the popularity of the show may provide the greatest value.

Instagram famous

Larissa is now an Instagram influencer, as well as a reality TV star. Thanks to her fame on Instagram, she was able to make money from Cameo, selling merchandise and sending people to her OnlyFans page. She sells a subscription to her OnlyFans page for $ 25 per month. Larissa would only need 20 new subscribers to earn $ 500 per day from this one source of income!

Fans wondered why Larissa hadn’t said anything about her release from 90 day fiancé for more than a week. Could it be that she doesn’t care? Larissa’s newfound fame helps her raise a lot of money, more than she has ever made before. Now, comparing the amount she earns with CamSoda, and Onlyfans alone, the 90 day fiancé flowing money is not a big loss for the Brazilian star.

Are you surprised TLC managed to fire Larissa? Go to our Facebook page and share your thoughts. Stay tuned to see if his dismissal will be resolved on 90 day fiancé or spin-offs.

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