7 Best Psychological Thrillers on Hulu in 2022

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We’re here to guide you in choosing movies that are absolutely worth your time!

While Collider and Digitaltrends have listed a handful of movie picks, allow us to bring you our top psychological movie picks on Hulu!

All movie titles below have all been verified and are currently available to stream on Hulu.

‘Alone’ (2020)

The film centers on Jessica Swanson’s struggle to survive against The Man, a mysterious psychopath who kidnaps her as she mourns her husband. Jessica realizes she’s been brought into the woods and tries a risky break for it. Whoever The Man is, he doggedly pursues Jessica and demands answers regarding her husband’s death.

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“Black Swan” (2010)

The story centers on Nina Sayers, a sexually repressed dancer who has the unique opportunity to play two roles in Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Nina, however, struggles to face the darkness of the Black Swan/Odile.

That’s why Nina is so alarmed by the appearance of Lily, a rival dancer who could take her place in the show. And when Nina’s sanity begins to decline, she begins to resemble the Black Swan even more than anyone could have imagined.

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“Deep Waters” (2022)

Vic apparently got a little frustrated that his wife Melinda was having an extramarital affair. Although their chaotic affair initially appears to be an agreed-upon open relationship, it quickly turns into something more sinister.

Indeed, those closest to the couple begin to suspect that Vic may be seeking revenge against all these men.

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“Down” (2019)

Guy and Jennifer, who work in a high-rise, accidentally get stuck in an elevator during a long holiday weekend. At first it seems like there is love between them and they seem like a perfect match for each other. However, things are not what they seem, and Guy and Jennifer will be at each other’s throats when the truth is revealed.

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‘Fresh’ (2022)

The protagonist of this film is Noa, a woman who is tired of having horrible dates and is simply looking to meet the right one. She meets Steve while shopping, an attractive, single and charming man who tries to flirt with Noa.

They get along very well right away and go on weekends together. But when Noa discovers that the guy of her dreams isn’t at all what he seemed, things take a turn for the worse.

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“Parasite” (2019)

The film delivers a scathing critique of classism and capitalism in the form of a story about two families, one wealthy and the other not.

While the wealthy family subscribes to their services, unaware of the fraud they have been swindled into, the low-income family is tempted by desperation and greed to make unethical and immoral decisions that destroy their very being. .

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“Prisoners” (2013)

Anna Dover and Joy Birch, two young girls, disappear during the film. Their fathers, Keller Dover and Franklin Birch, believe Alex Jones may have kidnapped the girls.

Franklin, however, has some reservations about Keller’s plan to kidnap Alex and torture her in exchange for information. Finding the girls is Detective Loki’s responsibility in the meantime, and it’s not an easy case to solve.

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