4-6 Weeks of Discounts, Fun and Food at Delhi Shopping Festival | Delhi News

New Delhi: Along with deep discounts and prizes on shopping, the proposed Delhi Shopping Festival will provide culinary delights, non-stop entertainment and a taste of the city’s art and culture, the minister said Chief Arvind Kejriwal said Friday.
In a meeting with officials from the tourism department and Dialogue and Development CommitteeKejriwal reviewed the preparations for the event, which is expected to be held either in September-October, around the festival, or in February-March.
According to officials, the tourism department presented a detailed plan, which included the plan to merge food and culinary events, entertainment programs and the promotion of art and culture. The chief minister has instructed officials to make the event a world-class experience, the government said.
The festival, which is part of the government’s ambitious programs announced in the Rozgar budget, will be held for four to six weeks and will offer deep discounts, sweepstakes, prizes, scratch cards to customers while traders will receive refunds taxes on state goods and services. According to the government, the festival has the potential to generate 1.2 lakh jobs in five years.
The tourism department also shared feedback it received from various market associations on the proposal. Sources added that the government is also analyzing shopping festivals held in other countries to make it a big event.
“The CM stressed that the shopping festival should keep Delhi’s emotion and culture at the center to attract more people from all over the country and the world,” the government said.
Officials said the government would increase transportation and link hotels and restaurants to the festival. “The plan is to bring together the entire hospitality and travel industry to make the festival worthwhile. This will lead to huge profits for traders and thousands of people will get jobs. Delhi government will also increase,” an official said.
To make shopping a special experience, exclusive products including special wearable jewelry and tableware will be offered, officials said. There will also be an overview of Delhi’s art and culture to promote tourism in Delhi and connect foreigners to historical artifacts.
The public will also be able to taste culinary specialties and renowned musicians, film personalities, comedians and dance groups will perform during the festival.


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