10 Best Horror Movies About Witches, According To Reddit

The horror movie of 2022 You won’t be alone tells the terrifying story of a woman in Macedonia who is forced to start living as a witch. It’s always been a fascinating topic for the horror world, as it involves spells, dark magic, and characters trying to change themselves or the situations they find themselves in.

Over the past few decades, several horror films have examined sorcery, and Redditors recommend the most well-crafted ones. Some films are campy and fun and others are more serious, and they all examine the role of magic in various stories.


We Summon Darkness (2019)

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Alexandra Daddario, Maddie Hasson and Amy Forsyth in We Summon The Darkness

Redditor plumper40 suggested We invoke the darkness, a film with a twist that comes quite early. The fan described the plot as, “A few guys meet a few girls at a heavy metal concert and then they go to one of the girl’s parents, occult things happen.”

The audience quickly discovers that the three main characters practice witchcraft and that the musicians are their victims. The film wasn’t very well received, but like many horror films about witches were released decades ago, it offers a contemporary look at this type of story.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

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A child clutching the sides of the Halloween pumpkin mask he wears in Halloween III Season of the Witch

The Halloween the franchise has great characters and although most fans praise the first film and dislike Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the film is about witchcraft. A Redditor shared that “Halloween 3 worth a watch for a non-traditional take.”

This movie stands out from the rest because it has a completely different tone and feeling. The connection to the other films involves a shop that makes Halloween masks, but Michael Myers isn’t in this film at all. Villain Conal Cochran is interested in performing a ritual.

Hagazousa (2017)

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Redditor kdubs said Hagazussa: the curse of a heather is a “sleeper film that will surprise you with courage and also an incredible soundtrack”.

An underrated horror film that some may not have heard of, written and directed by Lukas Feigelfeld, the film focuses on characters involved in rituals and magic. There are four parts: Shadows, Horn, Blood, and then Fire. The story definitely gets very dark and intense.

Suspiria (1977)

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Jessica Harper is hiding in Suspiria.

Redditor sveltegamine shared that they are “a big fan of the original Suspiria,“an influential Italian horror film. Ballerina Suzy Bannion begins attending school in Germany and she meets fellow dancer Pat Hingle. After Pat’s death, Suzy learns that something sinister is going on here.

Suspiria is loved for its atmosphere, both artistic and disturbing, as Suzy discovers that a witch appears to have opened the school and students continue to disappear. It’s always fascinating to see a coven and the amazing dancing makes the movie even more fun to watch.

Pumpkin Head (1988)

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Pumpkinhead Creature

pumpkin head is a beloved movie that’s different from other 80s releases because instead of being a campy slasher or paranormal story, it’s kinda all over the place but in a good way. Redditor AskCritical2244 posted that the movie had “witch stuff, demon stuff, kinda woodsy, lots of revenge”.

Ed Harley once saw a monster murder someone, and now that he’s grown up, he has a bone to pick up and visits a witch, hoping she can help him. The witch is the one who gives life to the creature called Pumpkinhead.

The Woods (2006)

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Heather standing at school in the woods

With a title like Woods, it’s clear that it’s a horror movie with the perfect atmosphere. A Redditor suggested Woods and said, “A girl at a boarding school has nightmares, hears voices in the woods, and suspects a coven of witches is at her school.”

Heather Fasulo is forced to attend boarding school because she is rebellious, and she discovers that several witches were students at Falburn Academy and hurt many people. It’s a good premise because it’s clear there are still witches out there, which makes for a scarier and more intense academic experience than Heather probably expected.

The Lords of Salem (2013)

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Rob Zombie loves horror movies and has done a few, and Redditor ChuckZombie suggested “The lords of salem“, his 2013 release about characters living in Salem, Massachusetts.

The main character, Heidi LaRoc is fascinated by the witch trials that have taken place where she lives, and she is also interested in The Lords, a band. The movie takes crazy turns, which tends to happen with Zombie movies.

Les Miserables (2019)

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A woman wearing a skull in an image from The Wretched

Recommended Redditor Human_Personface The unfortunate, writing, “The witch in the movie strikes a good balance between traditional witch folklore and creepy monster.”

In The unfortunate, Ben Shaw lives next door to a woman who is actually a witch. Audiences will be mesmerized by Ben’s desire to investigate, as Ben feels his instincts are correct, but when he tells his friend Mallory, she doesn’t think he’s telling the truth.

A Dark Song (2016)

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Sophia looks serious in A Dark Song

A dark song is an underrated horror film from the 2010s, with the main character Sophia Howard living in Wales and wanting to perform a ritual. Redditor EyesElation wrote, “It was a great movie, the story was so interesting and different. And the acting was really good too.”

Sophia has lost her son and she wants to contact him, which the public may say isn’t the best decision, but she’s determined to keep going. A dark song has an incredibly weird tone that doesn’t stop.

The Craft (1996)

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The cast of the movie Craft

Recommended Redditor WitchTrialz The job for “90s teen nostalgia”. When Sarah Bailey moves to a new town, three witches Bonnie Harper, Rochelle Zimmerman and Nancy Downs want her to join their clan.

The job is a moving, serious but funny story about friendship, love, family and characters who don’t fit in but love the fact that they are different and stand out from the rest. The film turns very dark when Sarah learns that it’s not always a good thing to have magical powers.

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